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Skills testing gives insights into your level of knowledge and skill across a range of categories

Answer the questions authentically to enable you to target the areas for skills development

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Matched available jobs across popular job search sites

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Before you go to an interview, it's important to know what you're in for

Researching an employer can give you an idea of what you'll be asked about

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Matched skills to jobs + jobs to skills, plus learning + development opportunities

Understanding your skills and gaps enables to target areas of interest for further learning

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Measure your productivity aptitude to discover insights + tools

Answer the questions authentically to enable you to target the areas for productivity development

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Filter out the occupations where your abilities are limited by disability

Easily discover the jobs you can job based on any impaired ability

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No job is ever going to be free from stress. However, you can filter based on stress levels

Discover occupations where you will easy achieve in based on your stress resilience

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Measure whether technology aptitude in today's fast changing workforce

Answer each question that best reflects your knowledge and abilities

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Enhance work performance + productivity with assistive tools

Discover apps + tools that will assist you in your work tasks

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Life and work can be busy, time for some time-saving tools + tips

Spend more time doing the activities you want and do less of the mundane