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What We Do

Providing resources and tools to help you develop your business, career or life


Stellarpaths is a personalised Business, Job and Career + Well-Being resources and tools hub.

A path to more effectively run a small-medium business, or when looking for a job or next career step, or better-balanced well-being.

Stellarpaths believes by matching occupations, skills, industries, business type to resources and tools, you can accomplish a great deal more.

For business and home, we also assist further by closing the adoption loop by supplying IT Services, business support, and software + app implementation.


By mapping; occupations, skills, industries, apps and capabilities data, then overlaying algorithms to identify and match resources and tools for personal, career + small-medium business goals.


To make information + tools a lot easier to access via a personalised hub, whether starting or running a small-medium business, looking for a job or next career step, or aiming to balance well-being.

Features + Services

Save significant like searching multiple websites. We personalise resources and tools all in one easy to use hub, so you get a better insight.

We have brought data from many information points and mapped them to each other, like occupation, skills, job search sites, software + apps, industry and more.

Personalise your information to access more informed recommendations on the best path forward for the toolsets you need.

Simplify the search for the software + apps you need for business or to do your work. We have matched tools to outcomes, IT aptitude, apps that work with other apps.

Simplify job search + career development with information on job skills, search sites, learning + networking in one spot.

Download apps, extensions and integrations matched to recommended tools. Plus access available jobs, learning and networking opportunities.

The information directory details occupation and skill overviews, software + apps benefits and video overviews.

Get assistance with selection set-up + implementation