Wellness Paths

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Each of us embraces paths, within ourselves, our communities and business. Through experienced wellness events, identify gaps that have not yet been meaningfully filled or managed. Source evidence-based supportive solutions. Typically there is a calmer, efficient and sunnier path ahead.


A balanced and fully lived life requires many wellness elements. Caring for and managing your mental health is crucial. Stellarpaths digital hub enables you to efficiently focus and reflect all the elements towards wellness goals and plans.


Step forward with unified evidence-based information, resources, tools + strategies that support well-being, wellness + resilience. Stellarpaths digital hub enables you to efficiently focus on mental health, physical fitness, nutrition, financial fitness, self-care + more.


Therapists Nearby

Treatments + Strategies

Wellness Plans

Support Groups + Services

Question + Answer Forums

Mental Health First Aid Guide

Workplace Wellness

Assessments + Quizzes

Family + Carer Supports

Hope / Success Stories




Treatment, Goals + Strategies

Support Services Access



Condition Management

Peer Support Connection

Family, Friends + Supports

Self-Esteem Enablement

1 Simple Consolidated Hub

Wellness Goals Are Matched To

115+ Wellness Conditions

110+ Treatments

300+ Risk Factors

5+ Age Groups

500+ Functions

160+ Symptoms

60+ Assessments + Quizzes

8 Self-Sabotaging Behaviours

10+ Communities

190+ Strategies

225+ Support Services

160+ Behaviours

90,000+ Apps