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Wellness Insight

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Map your well-being, values, behaviours + key relationships drivers

Improving The Mental Health Path

Mental health awareness over the last few years has steadily increased and gratefully the associated stigma and discrimination are dissipating.

Almost 1 in 5 people (16+%) experience mental wellness issues during their life.

Stellarpaths Founder, Christopher Donohue has lived experience of prolonged trauma (childhood and adult), of which the associated psychological impacts did not manifest until his late 30’s.

Many external and personal obstacles had to be overcome to manage forward so he could keep contributing to our society (like this ground-breaking assistive tool for mental health/wellness consumers and practitioners).

Obstacles included wading through fragmented services, meandering through strategies and tools that could enable better management and to live life with renewed hope.

Those experiences, plus half a decade of research and development created the Stellarpaths Wellness Assist hub. A Wikipedia for mental wellness, where vast resources, strategies, video insights, local therapists, tools + apps, and much more can be accessed in one interactive place.

Discover actionable information based on; condition, symptoms and treatments to discover assistive insights, enabling strategies and tool, all just from any device.

The Wellness Assisst hub enables consumers + practitioners with readily accessible information, strategies + tools to reduce the potential of crisis events occurring, plus enabling better life management.

  • Access your personalised My Wellness Plan (Safety to Maintenance).
  • Enhances wellness/mental health awareness across all mental health conditions.
  • Filter by symptoms to gain greater awareness about potential conditions.
  • Discover related treatment options for wellness conditions.
  • Learn strategies to better manage symptoms/behaviours.
  • Take a quiz to identity relationship toxicity and also self-sabotage behaviours, plus more.
  • Get additional support through complimenting tools + apps.
  • Access strategies to inform clients/patients.
  • Access related tools + apps to enable clients/patients.
  • Clients/patients can access My Wellness Path, a tool to support recovery + maintenance.
  • Filter down on symptoms/behaviours/self-sabotaging to gain more insight into wellness conditions
  • Inbuilt questionnaires to identity relationship toxicity and also self-sabotage behaviours, plus more.


  • Directories
    • Conditions
    • Symptoms
    • Treatments
    • Behaviours
    • Self-Care Strategies
    • Support Organisations
  • My Wellness Path
    • Preventative
    • Recovery
    • Maintenance


  • My Wellness Path (Safety to Maintenance)
  • Easily access information by desktop or mobile (mobile arriving soon)
  • Personalisation
  • Optimised Search
  • Integrated Tools (Jobs to Start + Growing A Business)

All research has been conducted using esteemed professional references like the DSMV, Psychology Today, PsycPORT, etc.

  • Research has also been conducted from a wellness consumer, practitioner and support services perspective.
  • Algorithms have been developed to auto rate tools + apps based on quality, popularity, features and more.

Under the hood of the Stellarpaths digital ecosystem is a complex data mapping system to enable users to have an immersive experience based on their needs + goals. The personalised experience is accessible via the My Path sections of wellness, jobs + starting a business. My Path via any device gives users the ability to gain insights + tools into condition(s), symptoms, triggers etc.

Content Data Insight

90,000+ Apps Mapped To:

9,500+ Occupations

5,500+ Skills

115+ Wellness Conditions

390+ Risk Factors

160+ Symptoms

120+ Behaviours

110+ Treatments

190+ Strategies

110+ Technologies

135+ Triggers

65+ Personal Barriers

570+ Functions

How Data Drives Rich Content, Awareness + Learns

The above has been mapped to:

Video Insights

Tools + Apps

Forums + Networking

Supporting Organisations

Related Conditions + Symptoms

Nearby Therapists



Accessible Jobs

Learning Opportunities

Salary Scales

Nearby Recruiters

Employment Alternatives

Employer Insights

10,000+ hours (5 Years) Research, incl:


Coding Digital Ecosystem

Self-Funded, No External Investment

Jobs, skills, matching resumes + tools assistant