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One-in-five people suffer from a mental health illness during their life. Which means you more than likely have know or have known someone with a mental disorder.

More than one-in-three unemployed people are so due to lower skilled or disability. Within the next five years, automation will replace a lot of back-office repetitive jobs, meaning those who do not adapt to the changing workplace need to quickly up-skill or be left behind.

Stellarpaths has developed a unique digital ecosystem of resources and tools; for wellness and jobs, which personalises based on its user’s goals.

Our platform is is groundbreaking, where it pulls essential information and tools for those not knowing where to turn when attempting to reach their wellness or job search goals.

We aim to have our platform freely open to all, to benefit those going through challenging times.

To continue free access for all to the Stellarpaths, we need your help to maintain our vision.

Read the Founder’s Story to gain greater insight into the mission for a freely  available digital ecosystem.

Your support is vital in helping us provide resources and tools in a convenient hub, to facilitates awareness and empower a clearer path to wellness and a job seeking.

Please consider one of our sponsorship streams to help us achieve our mission.

Under the hood of the Stellarpaths digital ecosystem is a complex data mapping system to enable users to have an immersive experience based on their needs + goals. The personalised experience is accessible via the My Path sections of wellness, jobs + starting a business. My Path via any device gives users the ability gain insights + tools into condition(s), symptoms, triggers etc.

Content Data Insight

90,000+ Apps Mapped To:

9,500+ Occupations

5,500+ Skills

115+ Wellness Conditions

390+ Risk Factors

160+ Symptoms

120+ Behaviours

110+ Treatments

190+ Strategies

110+ Technologies

135+ Triggers

65+ Personal Barriers

570+ Functions

How Data Drives Rich Content, Awareness + Learns

The above has been mapped to:

Video Insights

Tools + Apps

Forums + Networking

Supporting Organisations

Related Conditions + Symptoms

Nearby Therapists



Accessible Jobs

Learning Opportunities

Salary Scales

Nearby Recruiters

Employment Alternatives

Employer Insights

10,000+ hours (5 Years) Research, incl:


Coding Digital Ecosystem

Self-Funded, No External Investment

The vast data platform is now well laid, and continually grows + refines. Roll-out to users began in late August 2018. With 3.4 million, mental health workers plus associated support services organisations, and a ton of employment providers, career coaches,the Stellarpaths focus is to get the ecosystem into their hands to pass onto their clients/patients + other stakeholders. Sponsorship allow us to continue providing free access for all users.

No other organisation is able to scale their platform and adapt quickly (almost overnight) to emerging technologies that facilitate user engagement.

One of the key draw-backs with distributing vital content into users hands is that services are fragmented across the web, that is where Stellarpaths brings it together. Our aim is to help drive enhanced awareness, understanding + learning.

Upcoming Projects

Assessments For All Conditions

Personalised Development Dashboard

Simplified Intuitive User Experience

Single Sign-On

Chat Bots

Machine Learning

Personalised Pre-Recorded Video Coaching (Strategies + Tools)

Android + iOS Apps

Apple Watch Integration

Integrated AR Games

Multiple Languages

Video Support


App + Software Integrations

In addition to sponsoring free access for users most in need, sponsors also gain insights to the below.

Access To:

Conditions / Symptoms Population Highlights

Survey / Assessment Population Highlights


Number Of Users


Gender Type

Age Ranges

Participation In Research Surveys

Based on sponsorship level, your organisation will be assigned a number of administrator accounts to conduct the functions on behalf of your organisation:

Add Users (Clients/Patients/Stakeholders)

This will allow for:

Automated invites for clients/patients/stakeholders, dramatically lifting awareness and access to tool and insights.

Automated reminders to users (encouraging habit/behaviour change)

To help with consistent messaging relating to the the Stellarpaths ecosystem, a series of collateral containing a compilation of different media type templates, will be available for download/on-sharing for all Sponsors and their Administrators.

The collateral will assist with clients/patients/stakeholder awareness by providing insights and benefits of the Stellarpaths ecosystem.

Collateral Library

Printable Digital Flyers

Social Media Content + Templates

QR Coded For Easy Access To Stellarpaths

Links To Add To Your Website

Embedding Ability

Links To Videos

Links To Knowledge Base

Links To Support

Prior to official launch the Stellarpaths digital ecosystem was showcased and tested with about 700+ people, encompassing; mental health professionals, mental health consumers (including hospitalised), the elderly, unemployed, teachers, consultants and business coaches. The overall response and testing was overwhelmingly heartening.

Some Feedback Post Official Launch

  • “A valuable resource – congrats on the work and development” – Social Worker
  • “This looks like a great tool, very exciting” – Business Relations Specialist
  • “You are doing some amazing things for the world!” – National Marketing Manager
  • “WOW, this will help so many” – Peer Worker
  • “Ohh, Can we use it for our mental health region” – Psychiatrist
  • “My son is battling depression and I have had difficulty convincing him that there’s help out there. This is a great resource demonstrates what is available/possible.  You’re doing amazing things –  never stop!” – Parent