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Support Stellarpaths' Vision

Navigating wellness, life and work paths, is not always a direct course, nor plain sailing. With good, kind and meaningful support, resources and tools, obstacles can be overcome, along with accomplishing goals and aspirations.


The bootstrapped Stellarpaths was born from Christopher’s own diverse life experiences, both in his professional and personal life. He passionately seeks to find solutions to the difficulties he and others have encountered along the way to make sure others are better supported.


Support is vital in accellerating Stellarpaths principles, what + why + how methodology.

Encourage Affordable Wellness Access

One-in-five people suffer from a mental health illness during their life. Which means you more than likely have known or have known someone with a mental health issue.


Accross the globe welLness access + support is highly fragmented and chellenging to navigate. Stellarpaths assists to make access to reources + tools  economical for all so that the next step in the journey can commence being informed and hopeful.


Under the hood of the Stellarpaths digital ecosystem is a complex data mapping system to enable users to have an immersive experience based on their needs + goals.

Enable Unified Job Search Access

More than one-in-three unemployed people are so due to being lower-skilled or disability. Within the next five years, automation will replace a lot of back-office repetitive jobs, meaning those who do not adapt to the changing workplace need to up-skill or be left behind quickly.


Stellarpaths has developed a unique digital ecosystem of resources and tools; for wellness and jobs, which personalises based on its user’s goals. The growing platform is groundbreaking, where it pulls essential information and tools for those not knowing where to turn when attempting to reach their job search goals.