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The most comprehensive supportive tool for mental health, in the areas of wellness + life + work. Accessible resources, tools + services across the globe.

The Stellarpaths advocate program rewards you advocate on behalf of us and sponsorship or subscriptions are linked your Stellarpaths account. We’ve created it to make you successful – no matter what success means to you.


Stellarpaths advocate benefits have been designed to give you what you need to be successful; however, you define success. The more sponsorships and subscriptions you convert the commission level.

Commission Tiers



Sponsorship or subscription conversions

35% Commission



Sponsorship or subscription conversions

25% Commission

Advocate Terms + Conditions

A Stellarpaths Advocate agrees to advocate subscriptions and sponsorships on behlaf of Stellarpaths and in accordance with the Advocate Terms + Conditions.

Commission Payment Process

Once signed up filled out your Payment Options information in the Advocate Dashboard.

Otherwise, our accounting platform (Xero) will not be able to process payments.


Our advocate commissions are paid to you five business days after Stellarpaths have received funds cleared from out payment processing platform (Stripe). On average, 8-10 business days from the sponsorship processing.


If you still have any questions regarding our Partner Program, please feel free to contact our chat facility on

Advocate Dashboard

Our advocate commission dashboard is where the advocates can find out all the information they need about their past and future commission payments.


Also, the dashboard provides links to marketing collateral and all relevant information about Stellrpaths.


Once signed up, you will be taken to your dashboard.

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Support Information

Mental Health Statistics

Globally it is estimated that 450 million are currently suffering from mental health illness. One-in-four experience mental illness at some point in their lives. That means in the English speaking world 85+ million are currently struggling.


One of the major obstacles, if have or experience someone with a mental health injury or ailment, is the readily, affordable, and user-friendly access to comprehensive supportive and personalised resources, services and tools.


This is where Stellarpaths comes into play; filling information service gaps with supportive compatible wellness, life and work resources, services and tools; along with plans, treatments + straegies.


Select a sponsoship tier and help Stellarpaths become more affordable, and more accessable to all, plus build upon further upon the foundation infrastructure.

Help Encourage Affordable + Easier Mental Health Access

One-in-four people suffer from a mental health illness during their life. Which means you more than likely have known or have known someone with a mental health issue.


Accross the globe wellness access + support is highly fragmented and chellenging to navigate. Stellarpaths assists to make access to reources + tools  economical for all so that the next step in the journey can commence being informed and hopeful.


Under the hood of the Stellarpaths digital ecosystem is a complex data mapping system to enable users to have an immersive experience based on their needs + goals.

Help Enable Easier + Unified Job Search Access

More than one-in-three unemployed people are so due to being lower-skilled or disability. Within the next five years, automation will replace a lot of back-office repetitive jobs, meaning those who do not adapt to the changing workplace need to up-skill or be left behind quickly.


Stellarpaths has developed a unique digital ecosystem of resources and tools; for wellness and jobs, which personalises based on its user’s goals. The growing platform is groundbreaking, where it pulls essential information and tools for those not knowing where to turn when attempting to reach their job search goals.

Our Target Markets + Communities


  • Business Coaches
  • Education Sector
  • Employment Services
  • Executive Coaches
  • Fitness
  • Health
  • Health Insurance
  • Human Resources
  • Social Services



  • Art + Music Groups
  • Community + Cultural Groups
  • Indigenous
  • Libraries
  • Local Places + Facilities
  • Mental Health Peers
  • Neighbours
  • Religious + Spiritual Groups
  • Rural
  • Schools
  • Social Clubs
  • Sports Clubs
  • Tertiarary Education
  • Veterans
  • Workplaces
Our Target Mental Health Service Provider Types
  • Advocacy Services
  • Age Care
  • Alchohol + Drug Services
  • Child + Family Services
  • Disability
  • Education
  • Employment Services
  • Family + Sexual Assault Services
  • General Practioners
  • Guardianship Services
  • Health In Justice
  • Health Insurance
  • Housing + Homeless Services
  • Income + Support Financial Counselling Servcies
  • Justice
  • Legal + Court Services
  • Mental Health Promotion + Prevention
  • Mental Health Services
  • Police + Emergency Services
  • Psychiatrists + Psychologists
  • Workplace Support Services
Stellarpaths Devleopment Phases
  1. Initial seed idea (2010)
  2. Market research (2013)
  3. Competitor analysis (2013)
  4. Target markets + communities curation (2014-2016)
  5. Intellectual property development (2014-ongoing)
  6. Development of Work Paths (2013-2016)
  7. Development of Wellness Paths (2017-2019)
  8. Development of Life Paths (2019 – still in prototype phase)
  9. Stellarpaths platform refinement (2019)
  10. Market-ready + launch (2019-2020)
  11. Subscriptions start (2019-ongoing)
  12. Sponsorship requests (2020)
  13. Development of Wellness Pro (2020 – in proto-type phase)
  14. Integration of most used wellness, life + works apps (2021-2022)
  15. Artificial intelligence development (2022-2023)
  16. Dashboard + analytics + real-time recommendations (2023)
Stellarpaths Vision

To make access to services more affordable and easier for all, plus guide when not knowing which paths to step forward, using the world’s most comprehensive and meaningful support digital toolset for mental health, in the areas of wellness + life + work.

Our Principles

Each of us embraces paths, within ourselves, our communities and business.


Through research and experienced wellness, life and work events, identify gaps that have not yet been meaningfully filled or solved; nurture prospective supportive solutions.


Never re-invent the wheel. integrate with existing brilliant solutions, and if need be refine the wheel. Typically there is a calmer, efficient and sunnier path ahead.

What We Do

Meaningful support and assistance should be a straight forward positive experience.


Stellarpaths personalises and unifies; notable resources, services and tools for wellness, life and work to empower aspirations and goals more insightfully and efficiently. Just add information like symptoms + treatments, or occupation + skills and Stellarpaths will connect support paths ahead.

Why We Do What We Do

To assist + guide when not knowing which paths to step forward.


Navigating wellness, life and work paths, is not always a direct course, nor plain sailing. With good, kind and meaningful support, resources and tools, obstacles can be overcome, along with accomplishing goals and aspirations.

How We Do What We Do

Consolidating information and resource elements so that support is more intuitive.


By data mapping wellness, life and work principles and elements then linking them to evidence-based notable supportive tools, resources + services. To reduce bias and any conflict of interest, we only suggest standout tools + resources.


Stellarpaths developed and evolves a suite of algorithms to assess, rate and suggest.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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