Workplace Wellness

Evidence-based resources, tools + strategies for Workplace Well-being, Health and Wellness, Mindfulness, Employee Mental Health and Resilience.

Stellarpaths brings under one umbrella, wellness insights, resources + tools, along with self-assessments + quizzes, plus suggested paths.

Connect Your Paths

Workplace Radar

Measure if your work environment impacts you + how you interact

Discover well-being + relationships areas for growth

Mental Health First Aid

Learn how to respond to a mental health crisis in order to help someone

Understand how to assist a person in wellness crisis

Work Wellness Goals

Discover + learn workplace wellness goals that satisfy needs

Find strategies + treatments to assist you wellness goals

Work Wellness Path

Plan, set + track your path workplace wellness path progress

Update/Edit My Workplace Wellness Path


Frameworks + Policy

Premium Resources + Tools

Global + Local Focus

Analytics + Reframing

Outstanding Cost Benefits

Recruits + Teams

My Workplace Wellness Path


Local Assistance + Services

Planning, Staging + Tracking

Consolidated Hub

Learn to better support someone in a crisis (incl. panic + anxiety attacks)