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Inward Sponsorship Policy

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1. Purpose

Stellarpaths is committed to ensuring that its financial arrangements are carried out ethically so we can provide free access to the Stellarpaths ecosystem. The goal of this policy is to establish the framework and guidelines within Stellarpaths for the creation of productive sponsorship alliances with corporations, foundations, governments, individuals and other non-government organisations.

2. Principles

The following are the fundamental principles that shape our relationships with sponsors:

Sponsorship of the Stellarpaths ecosystem will not entitle any sponsor to influence any decision of Stellarpaths.

Stellarpaths will not enter into any alliance or partnership with any corporation or organisation where the association with the prospective partner or acceptance of the sponsorship would jeopardise the financial, legal or moral integrity our business or adversely impact upon Stellarpaths standing and reputation in the community.

All sponsorships must be consistent with existing Stellarpaths’ policies.

3. Right Of Decline

We maintain the right to decline sponsorships from specific corporations, foundations, governments, individuals and other non-government organisations.

4. Goods + Services Tax (GST)

All sponsorships attract an Australian GST charge of 10 percent, which will be calculated and charged over and above the agreed sponsorship amount.

5. Promotional Use Of Logos

Promotional use of corporate logos and in the colour silver by sponsors are only permitted on the Stellarpaths ecosystem if sponsorship of gold or platinum levels is taken out.