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How Sponsorship Assists

Sponsoring empowers people who need support

Almost one-in-five people suffer from a mental health illness during their life. Which means you more than likely have known someone with a mental disorder.

More than one-in-three people who are unemployed are so due to lower skilled or disability. Also, within the next five years, automation will replace a lot of back-office repetitive jobs, meaning those who do not adapt to the changing workplace need to quickly upskill or be left behind.

Stellarpaths has developed a unique ecosystem of resources and tools; for wellness and jobs, which personalises based on its user’s goals.

Our platform is a global first, where it pulls essential information and tools for those knowing where to turn when attempting to reach their wellness or job search goals.

We aim to have our platform freely open to all, to benefit those going through challenging times.

To continue free access for all to the Stellarpaths ecosystem, we need your help to maintain our vision.

Read the Founder’s Story to gain greater insight into the mission of a freely available Stelarpaths ecosystem.

Your support is vital in helping us provide resources and tools in a convenient hub, which facilitates awareness and empower a clearer path to wellness and a job seeking.

Please consider one of our sponsorship streams to help us achieve our mission.

My Path Subscribers
People Assisted
Support those needing insights + assistance

Often many do not know what to do when someone is in a crisis or experiencing challenges with wellness or job change.

Participate in good change

We will share our learns, insights and ask for ideas to improve our ecosystem, so it assists as many people as possible.

Achievements To Date
  • 150,000+ Apps Mapped To:
    • 9,500+ Occupations
    • 5,500+ Skills
    • 115+ Wellness Conditions
    • 390+ Risk Factors
    • 160+ Symptoms
    • 160+ Behaviours
    • 110+ Treatments
    • 190+ Strategies
    • 110+ Technologies
    • 570+ Functions
  • No External Funding Or Investment
  • Data Points Linked To Matching:
    • Therapists Nearby
    • Question + Answer Forums
    • Support Groups + Organisations
    • Video Insights
    • Podcasts
    • Tips + Trick
    • Reminders
    • iOS Siri Shortcuts
    • Skills Tests
    • Learning Opportunities
    • Job Search Sites
    • Payscales
On The Horizon / Wish List
  • Assessments For All Conditions
  • Single Sign-On
  • Chat Bots
  • Machine Learning
  • Android + iOS Apps
  • Apple Watch Integration
  • Integrated AR Games
  • Personal Development Dashboard
  • Multiple Languages
  • Video Support
  • Simplified Intuitive User Experience