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What does Stellarpaths do?

Personalised paths to support Wellness + Life + Work. Stellarpaths has developed on-the-go Paths to assist you to reach your goals.


Plus we provide digital self-help ecosystem of resources + tools for wellness, jobs and business assistant.


Stellarpaths personalises identifies useful information and suitable apps to help you reach your goals.



By mapping; occupations, skills, industries, apps and capabilities data, then overlaying algorithms to identify and match resources and tools for personal, career + small-medium business goals.



Stellarpaths believes by matching resources + tools to your wellness, occupation, skills, industry or business size, you can accomplish more.


Our vision is to develop a hub that automatically recommends the most suited strategies and accompanying tools that assist you in your daily life, work and in businesses. This would be finding relevant resources based on your well-being, matching job searches + resumes based on your occupation or skills, or sourcing the best software + apps to help start or grow your business.


We further by closing the adoption loop through the supply of business support services.

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