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Founder’s Story

The Story Behind Stellarpaths

Christopher Tucker is the Founder of Stellarpaths; a digital ecosystem of resources + tools for wellness, jobs + career, or starting + growing a business. From any device, Stellarpaths personalises to enable its users to reach their goals.


During his career held corporate positions as Global Project Manager, Information Solutions Consultant, Head of Knowledge + Governance, Assistant Company Secretary + Corporate Projects Manager and Assistant Accountant.


The origin of the Stellarpaths idea came from diverse life, career and business experiences and observations.


He is autodidact specialising in business and personal information technology, data and behavioural sciences, plus in-depth analysis.


Christopher turned a myriad of lived experiences into a positive path by developing the Stellarpaths Wellness Assist digital ecosystem to assist those when not knowing where they can turn for safety or support; when needs require nurturing.


He also developed algorithms to assist in the selection process of service providers and tools (apps), which form the backbone of Stellarpaths methodologies.

Lonely Path From Idea To Reality

Christopher first had the idea of Stellarpaths (2012), and did an obsessive amount of research over half a decade. He developed all the intellectual property, algorithms, plus data-mapped, coded and designed Stellarpaths digital ecosystem.


The experience was a  lonely journey as is typical with unique ideas.

The Backbone Of Stellarpaths
  • 90,000+ Apps Mapped To:
    • 9,500+ Occupations
    • 5,500+ Skills
    • 115+ Wellness Conditions
    • 390+ Risk Factors
    • 160+ Symptoms
    • 160+ Behaviours
    • 110+ Treatments
    • 190+ Strategies
    • 110+ Technologies
    • 570+ Features
  • Data Points Linked To Matching:
    • Therapists Nearby
    • Question + Answer Forums
    • Support Groups + Organisations
    • Video Insights
    • Podcasts
    • Tips + Trick
    • Reminders
    • iOS Siri Shortcuts
    • Skills Tests
    • Learning Opportunities
    • Job Search Sites
    • Payscales
  • Self-funded, no external investment

Christopher’s lifelong mantra is to help others and make an impact.


Sometimes from pain and suffering, great ideas can form. Christopher was born into an underprivileged household. During his formative childhood years, he often observed or experienced violence, neglect, and was abused (physically, emotionally and psychologically). No child should have to endure such things.


He along with his intellectually disabled sibling would end up in state institutionalised homes, for protection from the erratic home environment, adding another layer of trauma.


During Christopher’s teenage years, he displayed the early signs of having a breakdown from being overwhelmed by past trauma experiences. He was never medically diagnosed, and unfortunately, when he reached out for help from his parent or the institutions that were meant to care for vulnerable people, his calls were ignored.


Research validates that people that go through ongoing trauma, are highly likely to develop mental wellness challenges later in life.


At the end of his late teens, Christopher discovered his natural affinity with information technology (and the possibilities) and being autodidact; he began to himself computers, databases, data-mapping, coding and design.


In 2013, Christopher had a significant psychological breakdown, triggered by being overworked.


Unfortunately, his immediate support infrastructure was relatively nonresponsive, which compounded his personal crisis. To add salt to the wounds, Christopher experienced three years of misdiagnosis meaning he was not provided with the right treatments and therapies, to help overcome what he was going through.


These situations in part, contributed to bouts of homelessness when he was in despair.


During the adversity, he kept on developing the Stellarpaths digital ecosystem idea and framework, encompassing wellness, jobs + career, or stating + growing a business.


Had it not been for these experiences the idea of Stellarpaths may never have been created.


In his spare time, he tends to visit parks and gardens, walks about 20kms a day, dabbles in design, plus adores cooking for his now healthy friendship group.

Community Work

Over the cause of the years, Christopher has assisted in these areas:


Alkira – Member Of The Management Board
The Alkira Centre – Box Hill Incorporated is a community organisation that was formed in 1954 by a small but courageous group of parents. Families were Alkira’s foundation and remain the cornerstone of the lives of people here. Alkira has grown on the strength of their commitment and now provides a range of services for more than 150 people with an intellectual disability.


Muscular Dystrophy Association of QLD  – Grants, Digitisation and Process
Muscular Dystrophy Queensland aims to build on our reputation as the only state-based organisation dedicated to supporting those living with muscular dystrophy and other neuromuscular conditions from diagnosis to end of life by offering.


Matthew Talbot Hostel – Volunteer – Homeless Services
Matthew Talbot Hostel is well-known hostel for homeless men in the Sydney suburb of Woolloomooloo. It was founded by the St Vincent de Paul Society in 1938. The hostel provides temporary accommodation and meals.

Map your well-being, values, behaviours + key relationships drivers
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