Founder’s Story

Finding the path to Stellarpaths

Strengths + Expertise

Mantra: Make a positive impact that is helpful, kind + thoughtful; as best as possible.

Devoted Carer + Giver

Philomath, Polymath + Autodidactic

Courageous + Free Thinker

Tech Speech Recognition Fluent

Analysis + Strategy



New Technology Literacy

Complex Problem Solving

Novel + Adaptive Thinking

Design Mindset


Professional + Lived Experiences ↝ Stellarpaths


Christopher Tucker is the Founder of Stellarpaths; personal digital paths to support: wellness + life + work.


Stellarpaths uniquely personalised digital approach enables users to reach their goals + find the best path for them.


Christopher has a wealth of professional experience specialising in technology (it solely saved his life), research, diagnostics, data + governance. He also has a  passionate interest in psychology, as behaviour can be influenced by perception. During his 30+ year career, he has held high-level positions as a Global Project + Diagnostics Manager, Information Solutions Consultant, Head of Knowledge + Governance, Assistant Company Secretary + Corporate Projects Manager.


The bootstrapped Stellarpaths was born from Christopher’s own diverse life experiences, both in his professional and personal life. He passionately seeks to find solutions to the difficulties he and others have encountered along the way to make sure others are better supported.


Computers, smartphones and tablets are an integral part of our everyday lives + routines, Christopher saw an opportunity to leverage technology and developed a personalised digital support platform to empower users wellness, life + work, or when starting a business.


The Stellarpaths story began when his expertise in diagnostics, coding and data analytics facilitated the development of a unique methodology based on complex algorithms to personalise the selection of service providers, tools (apps) and resources from a comprehensive database for wellness consumers, employees + people wanting to start a business, so that they can discover potential unseen opportunities. This concept forms the backbone + is the foundation of Stellarpaths.

Groundbreaking Idea ↝ Reality

Christopher first discovered the seed for the idea of Stellarpaths (3 April 2010) and spent 5 years of extensive research, development and design.


Like many entrepreneurs, he endured many challenges and obstacles (including keeping it bootstrapped) along the way but remained driven by his passion to make a difference to improve the lives of others.


Through his hard work and dedication, he successfully developed the intellectual property, complex algorithms, as well as data-mapped, coded and designed Stellarpaths ground-breaking digital ecosystem.


Christopher has discovered + now firmly believes that wellness is above all else most important life ingredient for every individual + being. It has become the primary element of the Stellarpaths framework.


Since 2013 the foundation + efficacy of Stellarpaths digital toolset is underpinned via:

Information Points Brought Under One Umbrella

Therapists Nearby

Support Groups + Organisations

Question + Answer Forums

Strategies By Category

Assessments + Quizzes

Video Insights

Hope / Success Stories



Mental Health First Aid Guide

Matching Resumes

Job Search Sites

Learning Opportunities

Skills Tests

Stakeholder Tailored Assistance

Interview Tips + Tricks

Freelancing Opportunities

Local Recruiters


Safety Plans

Data Collected + Mapped

90,000+ Apps

160+ Symptoms

660+ Strategies

60+ Assessments + Quizzes

9,500+ Occupations

160+ Behaviours

110+ Technologies

2,500+ Targeted Questions

5,500+ Skills

300+ Risk Factors

500+ Functions

30+ Industries

115+ Wellness Conditions

110+ Treatments

500+ Features

70+ Demographic Types


Christopher’s lifelong mantra is to help others, make a positive impact + is kind to those you touch. With formidable drive + a natural self-analyser; ensuring his words are congruent with his actions.

Extreme adversity can produce marvellous initiatives that sprout ↝ mature ↝ spread. In fact, had it not been for Christopher's life + corporate career placed obstacles; Stellarpaths may never have become a reality + tangible interactive digital support platform.

Christopher was born into an underprivileged household. During his formative childhood years, he often observed or experienced violence, neglect, and was abused (physically, emotionally, psychologically + sexually).  Later in his childhood, he along with his intellectually disabled sibling would end up in state institutionalised homes, for protection from the erratic home environment, suffering another layer of trauma.


Christopher experienced struggles during his teenage years as he became overwhelmed by his past traumas. Although not medically diagnosed at this point, he displayed early signs of mental ill-health. Unfortunately, as is all too often an occurrence in these situations, when he reached out for help from his parent, extended family or the institutions that were meant to care for vulnerable people, his calls were ignored.


He is not alone in this as many psychology research publications show that people who have experienced childhood trauma are more likely to develop mental wellness challenges later in life.


As he entered adulthood, Christopher discovered his natural affinity with technology and fully immersed in his self-taught skills in computing, databases, data-mapping, coding and design and a successful corporate career.


Sadly, in 2013, Christopher had a significant psychological + emotional breakdown, triggered by being overworked by an employer.


During this time his immediate support infrastructure was relatively unresponsive, which compounded his personal crisis.


To add salt to the wounds, Christopher experienced three years of misdiagnosis meaning he was not provided with the right treatments and therapies, to help overcome what he was going through.


These situations in part, contributed to bouts of homelessness when he was in despair.


Despite the odds and driven by his vision and passion to help people, he continued to develop the Stellarpaths digital ecosystem ideology and framework, encompassing wellness, jobs + career, life, plus starting + growing a business.


Christopher has now got his life back on track (albeit a different track to his previous career, life + friendship group!) and through a combination of a meaningful diagnosis, treatment and great support network is continuing to recover and focus on what really matters.


In his spare time, he tends to visit parks and gardens, walks about 10-20kms a day, swims + gyms almost every day, dabbles in design, and community development.

Community Work ↝ Current

Victorian Royal Commission into Mental Health ↝ Contributor, Observer + Advocate

The Victorian Government is establishing a Royal Commission into Mental Health – the first of its kind in Australia.


Christopher has submitted recommendations + his half rough draft book, chronologically outlining all his + his sister’s (combined 75+) traumas (a typical person has 4-6 trauma events in their life), stigmatisation and how the systems failed him + his sister, along outlining all the systemic failures.


The Royal Commission will be tasked with providing a comprehensive set of recommendations on how to best support Victorians with mental illness, including Victorians at risk of suicide. It will also play a major role in raising public awareness about mental health as an issue.

Mental Health First Aid Training – Mental Health First Aid Australia ↝ Course Completed

Each year 1 in 5 Australians (and globally) will experience a mental illness, during their life. Many people are not knowledgeable or confident to offer assistance.


Physical first aid is accepted and widespread in our community, however, most do not cover mental health problems.


Mental Health First Aid teaches people the skills to help someone who they’re concerned about.

Melbourne University – Study into Intellectual Disability + Mental Health ↝ Participant

Assisting in the development guidelines on how to provide mental health first aid to a person with an intellectual disability.

Homelessness ↝ Researcher + Advocate

Since 2015, Christopher regularly chats or helps out one-on-one many people who are homeless (including various stages of homelessness).


He has met a significant number of homeless people in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide, researching + designing models to assist in the alleviation of such tragic situations.


Conscious of the various psychological states this tragic situation inflicts, he tenderly asks them just 1 critical question relating to what would assist them in the long term.


Christopher is already modelling + building innovative solutions to assist, but that’s a secret for now. 😉

Royal Commissions + Investigative Groups (Australia) ↝ Community Advocate

Christopher is on a long-term pursuit for justice for those that have been historically swept aside by society. He regularly visits the homeless, asking them what is one long-term initiative that would greatly assist. The data, ideas + long term practical solutions are forming the foundation of the upcoming JaCKT Foundation.


As many people that know Christopher extremely well, he is an avid documenter + collector of evidence and has been so for over a decade, as he knows it enables him to pursue the causes he is most passionate about.

Community Work ↝ Past

Over the cause of the years, Christopher has assisted in these areas:


Alkira (Victoria) ↝ Member Of The Management Board

The Alkira Centre – Box Hill Incorporated is a community organisation that was formed in 1954 by a small but courageous group of parents. Families were Alkira’s foundation and remain the cornerstone of the lives of people here. Alkira has grown on the strength of their commitment and now provides a range of services for more than 150 people with an intellectual disability.


Muscular Dystrophy Association (Queensland) ↝ Grants, Digitisation and Process

Muscular Dystrophy Queensland aims to build on our reputation as the only state-based organisation dedicated to supporting those living with muscular dystrophy and other neuromuscular conditions from diagnosis to end of life by offering.


Matthew Talbot Hostel (New South Wales) ↝ Volunteer – Homeless Services
Matthew Talbot Hostel is a well-known hostel for homeless men in the Sydney suburb of Woolloomooloo. It was founded by the St Vincent de Paul Society in 1938. The hostel provides temporary accommodation and meals.