Managing emotional pain and psychological health

Pain travels through families until somebody is ready to feel it.

The quote is from Stephi Wagner , and she says “the pain that exists within us and therefore within our families is oh so patient, and unlike most of us, it knows it’s worth. It will not leave until we give it the wholehearted attention it demands. Should we chose distraction, busyness, material successes, “positivity,” or any other of the myriad of shortsighted dissociations, all we really are doing is choosing to make the pain we carry the legacy of our children”.


Also Professor Brene Brown says, “shit rolls downhill”.


“Whatever pain we experienced as children WILL become the pain that our children and others we interact with will experience UNLESS we allow ourselves to feel it and ultimately heal it. We can take ownership for our pain, or we can pretend it isn’t rolling. I have chosen to hold myself accountable.”


As the Founder of Stellarpaths and personally, I am a firm believer in honing your talents and putting them to good use — some of my expertise cover technology, research, diagnostics and data-mapping.


Also, experiences can generate ideas that form innovative services. Having experienced 56 trauma events (typical person has 4-6 trauma events in a lifetime), it took having to move through four Australian states, to get the accurate mental health diagnosis, thus the right therapy work.


Along with the research of my parent’s undiagnosed mental health condition, and my intellectually impaired sister’s misdiagnosis, this all helped form the philosophy and framework of the Wellness Paths element of Stellarpaths.


To overcome, manage and heal emotional pain, you require, a very good therapist, great support infratstucture and also informatation and compatible tools. Stellarpaths helps to unify inforoation and tools with plans and strategies to further support wellness goals.


Wellness Paths is a first that digitally integrates conditions, symptoms, treatments, strategies and tools + apps into a central hub and digital plan. I used myself as the guinea pig to form the Wellness Paths tool while I navigated a very fragmented mental health system over five years.


The digital service tool helped me regain my psychological fitness rapidly over eighteen months.


During a very dark period in my life, I discovered the pain quote; it helped me understand things plus got me through.


The irony of it all, I felt the pain, processed it and turned it into a helpful hub.


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