Without wellness, our life and work aspirations are stunted

Navigating wellness, life and work paths, is not always a direct course, nor plain sailing.


With good, kind and meaningful support, resources and tools, obstacles can be overcome, along with accomplishing goals and aspirations


So Stellarpaths sources or builds services, resources and tools to assist aspirations and goals.


Today, as the founder of Stellarpaths, it was a proud experience to formally launch and let fly Stellarpaths; which unifies and personalises supportive resources and tools for Wellness and Work (the Life element will follow soon).


Stellarpaths was initially created to help businesses algorithmically match tools to expedite their goals.


Two years ago, I flipped the entire business plan on its head and made Wellness the crucial service driver (rather than the last it was).

Without wellness, our life and work aspirations are stunted!

Welcome + Introduction

Being brave to leave the corporate world (exhausted and soul crushed), to cultivate a vision while moving through several life-evolving events, and nurturing Stellarpaths into reality over a long 6-year winter; has enlightened, strengthened and enheartened.

I can appreciate how JK Rowling may have felt as she wrote the first Harry Potter book over seven years to publication, then beyond.

Building something entirely new that potentially assists and inspires takes a lot of gumption, grit and intuitiveness, plus a wee bit of soul searching.

Proud to have found paths to turn everyday work obstacles, and adverse lived experiences into assertive tools that inform and empower people towards their purpose and dreams.


Take care + be Stellar ✨