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Stellarpaths’ grin goal = to facilitate our global family, friendship + business pursuits which enhance decisions via Job + Career, Wellness, Business Operations + Toolkit hubs through personalised information, resources + tools, based on defined needs + goals.

Stellarpaths info + resource hub methodology is underpinned by 90,000+ algorithmically rated tools + info data-mapped + matched to 9,500+ occupations, 5,500+ skillsets, along with 250+ wellness, situations, objectives and goals.

Daily we further refine quantifiably + qualitatively our data to match the nearest suitable recommendations to help you as a person and/or business, based on your inputted info.

Small businesses, consultants, business coaches, wellness professionals + consumers, along with job seekers have easy access to a unique cost-effective advisory tool which brings vital real-time quality information and resources just a few taps away.

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After climbing above the .7400 level in early European trade, the AUD/USD reversed those gains and more in the second half of the session, weighed down by a modest lift in US bond yields, weaker commodity prices and dovish remarks from RBA Governor Philip Lowe at the ECB central bank forum in Portugal.

The reversal came despite no further escalation in trade tensions between the United States and China on Wednesday.

trend analysis is an aspect of technical analysis that tries to predict the future movement of a stock based on past data. Trend analysis is based on the idea that what has happened in the past gives traders an idea of what will happen in the future.