(Pre) Chronicle

The solstice is nearly nigh. Darkness + light will be equal. A good mix of both deepens the soul + mind.

An idea came to me about 6 or so years ago. At the time, I had been taught not to believe in myself nor did I think I was capable of achieving what has now been created.

Over that six years from idea to creation, I was told many times, I was being unrealistic, my concept was unviable, and my capabilities were not as good as I thought they were.

The 500+ page business plan, encapsulating my research + intellectual property countered the negative statements from the people I was surrounded by.

Against great adversity, I just pressed on.

That unique idea is now a living information + advisory platform that personalises to assist in areas of jobs + careers, well-being and small business operations will be fully released on the solstice.

For half a decade, you may have observed my trials + tribulations during that period. Over that time, I documented all the experiences (now approaching 20,000 notes) and chronicled all the fragmented services that had just let me down, but also continues to let many other people down. All this noting helped cement my idea of Stellarpaths, and generate a vast array of intellectual property, which is about to be commercialised.

Some never observed that dark period, and tell me, ” you are really… “, “can’t imagine what you were like, but glad to know you now”.

During my periods of homelessness, I thought I had hit rock bottom. Was in total despair, not knowing who to trust or who to ask for unconditional assistance from. I totally lost faith in people.

2014 + 2015, not once smiled, laughed (imagine Christopher Tucker not laughing) or made a joke, as I had been catastrophically let down. Just did not understand why necessary quality support alluded me.

My annus horribilis was 2017. Having to deal with someone wasting away, a death, a heart attack, a sibling who had been compromised twice in four months, being gaslighted by people who has no idea who I was, betrayed by someone I loved, being assaulted, robbed and even strangled. All these events in just a ten month period made me incredibly vulnerable, isolated and alone.

This incredibly lonely period I had to ensure that two significant beings were looked after + cared for, as I would have liked.

For me, it does not take much to actionably care + love. I see it in my intellectually disabled sibling eyes when they twinkle with joy + love. To see that sparkle every time we see each other is a blessing from the universe.

During my deep dark period, I vowed that if I ever made it through, I would ensure to help many people with my unique concepts + methods as I have received many special gifts during my life.

My objective has always been helping others. I like to scale things, I have been preparing for half a decade to share a few unique creations.

2017 I had given up on people, overall I did not trust them, so chose not to share what I created which had never developed before.

Returning to Victoria December 21, 2017, my personal objectives were;

  • get the best therapies (✅),
  • create a beautiful safe space to recuperate (✅),
  • make my sister continually smile (✅),
  • give my now departed beloved cat a safe space after what we had both been through (✅),
  • connect with people that I value + admire (✅),
  • learn to trust and develop healthy relationships with good valued people with beautiful souls (✅)

Having to flee for my life in October 2017, I arrived in my home state with just four sports bags + Frederick, the cat; I left everything behind in the house of South Australia horrors.

I gave myself just six months to turn everything around.

Happy + grateful to say, ACHIEVED.✅

Now I get to do what makes me smile and comes very naturally to me every day; give.

Every day, I get to observe people in my sphere, growing and smiling, knowing that I contributed in a positive way to their life quality.

This solstice I get to go global with my ambition of helping others.

What has been created may appear complex, but it is actually straightforward.

To those that received an email/message with a link to this post, you in your unique way helped to save a life + soul, made me rediscover how to smile + laugh + re-established having faith in people.

Thank-you! 😘

Watch this solstice, as I and Stellarpaths (a subscription service) get to share the fruits of deep research, intellectually property + experiences.

Still pinching myself that I researched, created, data mapped, coded a unique platform that consolidates and personalises quality information + advice to help with well-being, jobs + careers and small business, all by myself.

Still trying to fathom the scale of what has been achieved. Developed algorithms that matched 90,000+ tools & apps to 9,500+ occupations, 5,500+ skill-sets and a lot of other data mapping.

Many many many people have said to me, what happens if Stellarpaths is not a success; well there are few things worse than being homeless and having lost faith in people (been there, done that).

Only one person who knows me profoundly has asked: “what will you do if it is a big success?”

During my brilliant trauma therapy sessions this year, I have also been psychologically preparing myself if what has been extremely well researched + created from my heart + soul is a success.

Now for me, is the time to discover what smart execution is like.😉

Part of that execution is inviting about 30,000 people/businesses I am connected with, that are in the seven market segments my products have been developed for which fills a gap, then go from there.

Every solstice, under my Stellarpaths brand, will be releasing a notable post covering discoveries, learns, the best tools/apps/technologies, what paths lie ahead for us in the well-being, job+career, small business sectors, plus noteworthy advice (based on research) on general observations.

Christopher Tucker

xxCST 😘