What is Stellarpaths

Stellarpaths is a personalised digital self-help ecosystem of resources + tools for wellness, jobs + career, or starting + growing a business. From any device, Stellarpaths personalises to enable its users to reach their goals.

How we do what we do

Stellarpaths has data mapped 250,000+ resources + tools to; 9,500 occupations, 5,500 skills, 150+ wellness conditions, 280 symptoms, 85 risks, 180 treatments, 360 strategies, 150 emotions, 85 behaviours. To better match to individual needs.

Free always

Stellarpaths goal is to provide a FREE ecosystem of resources + tools, to enable people and their connections are going through challenging times when managing their wellness, job, or commencing a business. Sponsorships allow free access for all.

Stellarpaths Empowers

Personalised supportinve paths for wellness, life, career + business potential; with unified services, resources + tools that assist with achievement.

Multi-functional tool

Access resources and tools from any device to facilitate reaching your goals

Find paths for wellness, jobs + business

Set paths and get insights + suggestions to enable you to reach your goals

Make more information choices

Personalised recommendations to assist you in making more informed pathways

Discover what makes you tick

Learn what drives your thinking, mindset, relationship + self-sabotaging behaviours

Consolidated Knowledge

Video Insights

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Forums + Groups

Download Apps + Software

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