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Wellness Paths


Work Paths


The Most Comprehensive

Supportive personalised mental health; resources, services + tools across the globe.

Access conditions, symptoms along with; compatible treatments, strategies, support services + groups. Create your own interactive plans, goals + strategies that work for you. Find paths to reach your goals + aspirations. Plus unifying resources, services + tools for; Wellness + Life +Work.


The Most Comprehensive

Supportive personalised work + career paths; resources, services + tools across the globe.

Access work suited to you, your lifestyle + situation. Discover resumes and interview skills; based on your job. Also find job alternatives, tools and social peer networks.



Each of us embraces paths, within ourselves, our communities and business.

Through research and experienced wellness, life and work events, identify gaps that have not yet been meaningfully filled or solved; nurture prospective supportive solutions. Never re-invent the wheel. integrate with existing brilliant solutions, and if need be refine the wheel. Typically there is a calmer, efficient and sunnier path ahead.


What We Do

Meaningful support and assistance should be a straight forward positive experience.

Stellarpaths personalises and unifies; notable resources, services and tools for wellness, life and work to empower aspirations and goals more insightfully and efficiently. Just add information like symptoms + treatments, or occupation + skills and Stellarpaths will connect support paths ahead.


Why We Do What We Do

To assist + guide when not knowing which paths to step forward.

Navigating wellness, life and work paths, is not always a direct course, nor plain sailing. With good, kind and meaningful support, resources and tools, obstacles can be overcome, along with accomplishing goals and aspirations.


How We Do What We Do

Consolidating information and resource elements so that support is more intuitive.

By data mapping wellness, life and work principles and elements then linking them to evidence-based notable supportive tools, resources + services. To reduce bias and any conflict of interest, we only recommend standout tools + resources, Stellarpaths developed and evolves a suite of algorithms to assess, rate and suggest.